Communications Archive

Email communication is the lifeline of diocesan convention. Deleted that last email? Can’t find it for all the Christmas ads? For the convenience of our delegates and visitors, we have compiled our past publications for easy reference.

2024 Convention Emails

October 12, 2023

Convention Virtual Binders

The Convention Virtual Binders were formally known as the Convention PDFs. In 2023, as we begin to work toward the 2024 diocesan convention, the Convention PDF will be referred to as the Convention Virtual Binder.

2023 Convention PDF
2022 Convention PDF
2022 Nominations after Publication Deadline
2021 Convention PDF
2020 Convention PDF
2019 Convention PDF
2018 Convention PDF
2017 Convention PDF
2016 Convention PDF

Convention Eucharist Bulletins

2023 Convention Eucharist Bulletin
2022 Convention Eucharist Bulletin
2021 Convention Eucharist Bulletin
2020 Convention Eucharist Bulletin
2014 Convention Eucharist Bulletin

Convention Journals

2021 Convention Journal
2020 Convention Journal
[2019 Convention Journal – Being Restored]
2018 Convention Journal 
[2017 Convention Journal – Being Restored]
2016 Convention Journal
2015 Convention Journal *
2014 Convention Journal *
2013 Convention Journal
2012 Convention Journal
2011 Convention Journal
2010 Convention Journal

* The 2014 and 2015 Convention Journals were never fully compiled. We present the most accurate and complete versions of the 2014 and 2015 Convention Journals here. Should additional information become available as we continue to read the archives, we will update these files.

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