Rules Regarding Resolutions

•Rule 3.01: Resolutions are submitted as the Canons may prescribe.

•Rule 3.02: All Resolutions and amendments proposed thereto shall be in writing and shall contain the name, parish, and city of the proponent. Failing to meet the deadline as set forth in Title I, Canon 3, Sec. 10 the delegate or organization presenting a Resolution may introduce such Resolutions at the Convention no later than 3:00 p.m. on Friday of the Convention. Except for Resolutions contained in the reports of Committees, no Resolution offered after this time shall be considered except upon the affirmative vote of three-fourths (3/4)of the delegates present and voting. The delegate or organization presenting a late Resolution is responsible for having 300 copies of the Resolution reproduced on blue paper for distribution to the Convention.

•Rule 3.03: The Bishop shall refer all Resolutions to appropriate Convention Committees for consideration, recommendation and report to the Convention provided, however, upon a vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the delegates present, a Resolution may be considered immediately.

•Rule 3.04: Where two or more Resolutions deal basically with the same subject, they shall be referred to the same General Resolutions Committee. The Committee shall make every effort to consolidate them or otherwise assure their compatibility and should also make every effort to obtain the concurrence of the proponents concerned.

•Rule 3.05: Each Convention Committee to which a Resolution has been referred, after providing for a public hearing thereon, shall consider the form and substance of the Resolution and in making its report shall recommend (a) for adoption, (b) for adoption with amendment, (c) for adoption of a substitute drafted by the Committee, (d) for rejection, or (e) for discharge from further consideration because the subject matter has been included in another Resolution. The Committee’s recommendation to the Convention shall be in the form of a motion to adopt the Committee’s recommendation. The Committee Chair or other representative shall state the reasons for the Committee’s recommendation. Thereafter, the proponent of the original Resolution, which is the subject of the Committee’s recommendation, shall be recognized first if the proponent so desires. Amendments may be offered, including an amendment to substitute the proponent’s original Resolution for that recommended by the Committee.

Submitting a Resolution for Convention

Please download and read the resolution guide. You will find instructions on writing, formatting, and submitting your resolution as well as a blank version for you to use. You will need Microsoft Word to work with this document.


Download the Resolution Guide