We have simplified the digital certification of election for parish leadership to file their delegates, alternates, and clergy for the convention. The Clerk of the Vestry is the proper signatory of the certification form. It may be filled out with assistance, but we ask that the Clerk of the Vestry certify and sign the form. Once the signature panel has been completed, the signee will input an email address. That address will receive an email to verify the signee. Once the email address has been verified, a copy verifying completion will be sent to the diocesan office and the signee’s email address. Please check spam/junk/promotions folders for any messages from Adobe.

Click here for more information on considerations for who to invite to be a delegate for a digital convention. Lead delegates are those empowered and entrusted with coordinating convention communication to delegations and assisting delegates with participating in a digital convention. Please see the schedule of convention meetings for meetings specific to Lead Delegates.

Click here to see a chart of the number of delegates each parish receives.

Click here to register either before or after certification.