There are three types of registration: Delegation Registration (for the organization), Delegate Participation Registration (for each individual delegate and clergy member), and Visitor Registration (for all others attending the convention).

Visitor Registration ($25 per visitor): This registration is to be completed by anyone wishing to attend the convention who is not a voting delegate or clergy (those accounted for in the certification and delegation registration process). This may include alternates wishing to attend with their delegation, spouses, partners, friends, visitors, or anyone else attending the convention.

Delegation Registration ($125 per seat): This registration allows an institution to pay for the number of delegates and clergy that the institution is sending to the convention via their certification. This step may be completed before or after certification. Click here to view the number of delegates your parish may send to convention.

Delegate Participation Registration (cost included in Delegation Registration): This registration is to be completed by each delegate and clergy that will attend the convention. This allows us to prepare the appropriate amounts of food (including considerations for food allergies), provide childcare, and any other additional resources or options to make our time more enjoyable. There are no additional costs for delegates or clergy for this registration. Please check your inbox for this registration link.

For questions regarding your parish or community’s delegation or registration, or for visitor registration, please email Jon Humber at

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