The 2024 Diocesan Convention PDF is available for download. This year’s PDF, a modified version of our previous convention PDFs, has been adjusted to accommodate hole-punching and binding as well as separation into sections for folder divider use. As such, you will see periodic intentional blank pages and an off-center layout. We have also placed the Grace Point financial sheets at the end of the Financial Reports as our previous editions placed the Grace Point financials in the middle of the Financial Reports section, leading to some confusion. Readers will also note that we have changed the layout of the 2024 proposed budget for ease of reading in the vertical position (rather than previous years’ horizontal orientation). We hope these improvements make the Convention PDF easier to navigate.

Please make note of the additional information pages where you will find important information regarding parking for the convention Eucharist as there is limited parking near the cathedral.

For any nominations or resolutions from the floor, we will publish additional documents. For questions, please email the Rev. Christopher Hogin at

Note: This is “Version 2” of the Convention PDF. Please note the changes below and, should you have already printed a copy, print only those pages. 

Please note the following updates to the convention PDF:

  • pg. 3-4 – the hyperlinks to the various pages were fixed
  • pg. 23 – Ms. Connie Bryson’s name removed from Finance Committee
  • pg. 29 – Ms. Abby Haase’s last name was spelled incorrectly
  • pg. 33 – Ms. Abby Haase’s last name was spelled incorrectly on the election worksheet
  • pg. 39 – “The” before “Episcopal Church” was capitalized
  • pg. 46 – Ms. Abby Haase’s last name was spelled incorrectly
  • pg. 48 – Mr. Mark McCullogh and Mr. Mike McCullogh’s last name was spelled incorrectly
  • pg. 52 – Mr. Bryan Siedschlag’s name was added to the AV list and Mr. Joshua Spurling’s name was added to the technology list
  • pg. 66-67 – There was an addition to the Mission & Lay Ministry Report
  • pg. 80 – “B&C Resource Fund” should read “Curacy Fund” on line 8
  • pg. 80 – comment deleted from line 15
  • pg. 81 – old comment removed from line 33
  • pg. 97 – We added information regarding the hearing assistance system, the table assignment for Annunciation, Newport, was updated to table 7, and the table assignment for St. James, Greeneville, was updated to table 11.

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