Bishop Brian Cole updates the diocese on our new Secretary of Convention, the Rev. Christopher Hogin, and the opening of nominations and resolutions to the 40th annual diocesan convention.

The nomination form is now open and ready for submissions. Head to the nominations page to learn more and to complete the form. The resolutions guide for the upcoming convention is also available on the resolutions page.

Nominations may be made only by the Bishop, Clerical and Lay Delegates, Vestries, and any other person authorized by Canon.  See Rule 8.01. Nominations are due by Saturday, January 6, 2024. All nominees are invited to submit photo, detailed biography, and reasons for seeking the position to the respective diocesan office (no word limit). This information will be posted on the website. Nominees are also invited to submit an abbreviated 100-word informational profile to be included in convention materials. Additionally, all nominees will be invited to participate in a breakout session during convention to meet and answer any questions from delegates and interested parties.  For further assistance with nominations after this date, please email the Secretary of Convention at

* We delayed the opening for nominations from our original date of November 15th. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

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