During the convention business meeting session, you have three main ways to get in touch with our support team.
See your options below.

Helpful Tips Before You Contact Us:

  • Please make sure you have the latest version of the Zoom meeting application by clicking here.
  • Please make sure you are checking your spam/junk/clutter folders for emails from amorehead@dioet.org or Zoom. Your meeting link will be sent to you from Zoom. Convention materials and support documentation will be sent from amorehead@dioet.org.
  • Please make sure that we have your most current email address on file.


How to Reach Us

Please select how you would like to reach us during convention.

Email Support

Need help finding your meeting link? Running into trouble with Zoom? Send us an email to amorehead@dioet.org and we will reply shortly.

Email Us

Phone Support

Needing assistance over the phone? Need to chat with us about an issue you are encountering? Give us a phone call at 865-966-2110. Our support team will be there to assist you with your issue.

Call Us

In-Meeting Chat Support

In the meeting, click the chat button and begin a chat with the “host.” One of our handy support team members will be with you shortly to help you.