Participant Registration

Participant registration is open to all across the diocese. Participants can engage in the conversations of this year’s diocesan convention by attending the budget presentation and watching the livestream of the business meeting. All that is needed to register is your name and email. You’ll receive information about the various meetings and offerings in the time leading up to the business meeting and any additional discussions afterward. 

A participant in the convention is someone who:

  • Includes, but not limited to those who support convention – staff and volunteers
  • Want to learn more about the diocese and its community
  • Potentially considering the role of delegate in the future
  • Willing to grow in faith through seeking understanding
  • Values gathering and connecting with other faithful Episcopalians across the diocese

Note: The role of participant will be as a viewer only during the business session. Active participation will be reserved for all elements outside of the business session.

Register as a Participant


Devices equipped with a camera, speakers, and a microphone are strongly recommended:

  • This equipment is built into many tablets, laptops, and newer desktop computers – it can also be available as add-on technology
  • Where camera, speaker, and microphone are unavailable, an individual voting Delegate’s participation via phone/dial-in (only) can be accommodated by way of advanced notification to the convention planning team
  • Delegates and participants will be asked to keep the camera on when their presence and full participation are necessary, and they will be asked to turn it off when additional bandwidth is needed for a one-way presentation
  • Delegates and participants will be asked to keep their microphone muted until their verbal participation is invited


All may gather in a common and shared location:

  • Where safe to do so and in compliance with the facility’s COVID policies at the time
  • Any shared location is required to have at least one device that 
    • is connected to a reliable internet connection via Ethernet or Wi-Fi
    • has a screen that is visible to all in the shared location
    • has speakers for clear audible access to everyone in the shared location
    • has a microphone for participation at appropriate moments or invitation
  • Any shared location must have internet bandwidth to accommodate numerous individual devices that are required for delegate voting
  • When gathering in a common location with others, only one device should be used for listening to minimize sound issues
  • Facilities with strong internet access are free to invite parishes who may lack the same internet capabilities


All may connect from their individual spaces:

  • Access to same technology as those who are gathered in a shared location
  • Voting Delegates MUST be free from distractions

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