Participant registration is open to all across the diocese. From engaging in dialogue in affinity groups to watching the business meeting live stream, participants can engage in the conversations of this year’s diocesan convention. All that is needed to register is your name and email. You’ll receive information about the various meetings and offerings in the time leading up to the business meeting and any additional discussions afterward. 

A participant in the convention is someone who:

  • possesses a disciple’s heart;
  • is willing to grow in faith through seeking understanding;
  • misses gathering in person with other faithful Christians;
  • desires to connect with Episcopalians across the diocese;
  • engages in Reconciling All things in Christ;
  • listens to the Spirit then acts throughout the world.

Note: The role of participant will be as a viewer only during the business session. Active participation will be reserved for all elements outside of the business session.

Register as a Participant